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11-14-2012, 11:08 AM
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Originally Posted by deckercky View Post
That's a rather harsh penalty for diving, particularly since people who throw out that number of head shots aren't penalized that much. If those were the penalties, players would never be found to dive.

Personally, I think suspensions should occupy a game roster spot. Max 1 roster spot per game, but lost roster spots transfer to later games when there would be more than 1 in a given game. This makes all suspensions actually affect the team (additional fatigue late in the game, every penalty throws off the lines more, and any players injured or otherwise removed from the game have a greater effect on the lineup).

Then for dives you can have a more fair level of suspension, but the diving would hurt the team even if not caught.

1st dive: Fine
2nd dive: 1 game suspension
3rd dive: 3 game suspension
4th or more dive: 5 game suspension
If a player had a suspension for diving in the previous year, then they count as having an additional dive for the purposes of the penalty.

Players would never make it on the roster to the 4th dive since they're hurting the team.
Your system for diving is pretty much what is in place now except they get the benefit of the doubt for the first incident. Then a fine for the 2nd, 1 game for the 1st, 2-2nd, 4, 8, 16...

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