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11-14-2012, 11:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Bjindaho View Post
The attitude was invalid because the argument structure was that because it had happened in the past, it would happen in future and potential future additions were negated prior to happening for this reason. Keep in mind that payroll has risen several times in the past with each result being poor attendance. Anthopoulos has built himself a team and can add where he sees fit (instead of throwing money at the players that happen to be available).
Wrong, the attitude was "because it had happened in the past it was unlikely to happen in the future"

Big, big difference.

The pessimists basically followed trends, and predicted based on that. The optimists conversely, took AA and Rogers for their word when they said they'd eventually spend. The pessimists did not fully believe these statements, and IMO, that is 100% understandable. From Riccard's "five year plan" to seeing a team that Beeston said would likely make the playoffs a couple times in the next 5 years go 73-89 and have a BUNCH of questions marks, posters had every right to sport an attitude of pessimism, because they had heard empty words before. I fail to see how that attitude was wrong in the slightest.

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