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Originally Posted by Woodman19 View Post
The issue was never about who were real fans the issue was that we had a regular group that discussed baseball. People seemed to go out of their way when something bad happend to say "Rogers is cheap". How can you have discussions with people when you have already stated your opinions on the matter? I know it is frustrating to understand but many of us "elitists" don't feel like answering the same criticism 50 times a day. Its not us not respecting you as a fan its simply not respecting the quality of content being spewed out over and over with no base facts.
There was facts on Rogers being cheap and it reflected their record for the last number of years. This year they hyped the team as a team that could compete and when injuries happened there was no going out and spending to fix holes when they had a shot at making the WC. They now understand that they need to spend to compete in the AL when all other teams are arming up the past few years.

Just because you don't feel Rogers was cheap doesn't mean they aren't it that is just your opinion and as your opinion its valid just as much as a person who says they are cheap.

This deal validates both sides of the argument. I truly believe the light went on for Rogers and they realize they needed to spend to compete. They found this out watching high payroll teams make the playoffs year after year.

I don't think they reacted to the fan base or media asking for higher payroll but you can't be oblivious the media coverage in Toronto town and not hear things and that makes you re-evaluate the stance on payroll.

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