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11-14-2012, 11:11 AM
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Originally Posted by NyQuil View Post
So you agree that Ottawa is a hockey town and Toronto isn't.

No traffic? Speaking of ignorance.

The biggest thing that the Senators have going against them is the location of their arena.

It's at the extreme Western edge of the city, meaning that everyone has to go West to get there, on a 3/2 lane highway.

But I'm glad to finally see sympathy from a Leaf fan on how commutes can have an impact on attendance.

It's 26 km from downtown to the arena, but when I lived in Orleans, it was 38.3 km.

The Sens haven't folded yet though.
What's funny is that in 2007-2008, Ottawa outdrew the Leafs.

3 Ottawa 41 812,665 19,821 107.1
5 Toronto 41 796,803 19,434 103.4

Even last season (2011-2012):

5 Toronto 41 799,786 19,506 103.7 41
6 Ottawa 41 793,612 19,356 101.1 41

OMG! It must be all those Leaf fans coming to ALL of our home games.

At the same time, Ottawa is also supporting two junior teams. And that's with 1/5 or 1/6 of the population.

But you guys keep believing whatever it is they tell you in that media bubble known as the GTA.
I never said Ottawa wasnt a hockey town, im saying that you cant argue that because they support more hockey teams they are a better hockey city as the teams have absolutely no competition but OTHER hockey teams. Ive been to plent Mississauga games, go about once a month (my uncle always gets tickets), so i am one of the junior supporters, yet would still much rather watch a CFL, NBA or MLB game. Expect to see a drop in junior attendance when the CFL comes to Ottawa.

I meant traffic in the city. There is no major city congestion that is in many other cities, so much of the population has a vehicle, while the majority of Toronto rely on bikes and public transportation, its much harder to commute without a car. Ill agree though traffic around the Scotiabank place in disgusting.

You still havent given a valid reason why the distance between Brampton and Missisauga arenas have not split the target demographic. How the 6 km distance between them does not create competition for fans between the two teams splitting the local fans into 2? Expect an increase of Mississauga attendance with a fold in Brampton.

Scotiabank place has a larger capacity than the ACC, so its easy to outdraw them. ACC however, is always sold out even with its ridiculously high prices for tickets.

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