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11-14-2012, 11:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Pilky01 View Post
What crowd exactly?

People keep saying "fans love the shootout", but I have yet to watch a shoot-out (outside of intl hockey or that end of season shoot-out back in like 07 or 08 that eliminated the Leafs) that actually got people excited.

IMO the shoot-out is a horribly conceived, anti-climactic bore fest.

A great 4 on 4 OT period ends, and then we all have to wait ten minutes for that ludicrous "middle ice" flood (why is this flood needed?! Get 15 arena staff with shovels to do a flying V down the middle of the ice and you do a more efficient and better job of prepping it), then we see a series of boring breakaway shots.

Maybe I am just jaded because the first NHL shoot-out I ever saw in person was delayed about a half hour because the zamboni didn't work right, but I turn the channel when the OT ends. If I flick back and catch the shoot-out, great, but I don't consider the shoot-out to be "appointment viewing". It is basically a 50/50 proposition. That is why the players themselves don't even really care when they lose these stupid things.
This SO got the city of edmonton buzzing.

Not to mention HFboards was talking about it for awhile.

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