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11-14-2012, 11:13 AM
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This new ryno scares me...I think I want you to go back to being a part of the "Rogers sucks" herd (see what I did there Zuffa? lol) so things can feel normal again

Also, I don't really want to continue this whole elitists vs. non-AA backers from before, so I'll just say that nobody is trying to make you feel crappy (okay, maybe Quimby is, but nobody else from "our side" is backing that up), and our only point of contention with the opposing view was never that you had one, it was that we were continually called sheep and ostracized for believing AA had the ability to make this kind of move after he basically laid out his modus operandi for us and said this is how it would play out, one way or another. If the elitist group jumped on your opinion, it was more as a defensive reflex and utter annoyance of being told so steadfastly we were wrong with no chance of reasonable, intelligent discussion on the matter from most people spewing that talk.

Also, to the people saying we need to go out and get a LF, 2B and DH...we really don't. A DH would be nice, but we can live with Lind (and might have to with $7M still owed to him), especially if the new manager brings in Mottola or another hitting coach with similar views, rather than the pull happy Murphy approach. Get Lind back to the approach he had in 2009, and maybe he can get his OBP a bit higher and become a solid player. And LF/2B aren't holes on this team, right now they're at least average producers for those positions in the league. With a new approach to hitting (one here hopefully each player gets one tailored to his style), I think this line-up is more than competent:

SS Reyes
CF Rasmus
3B Bautista
1B Encarnacion (or DH)
DH Lind (or 1B)
3B Lawrie
C Buck/TDA
2B Izturis
LF Bonifacio

Balances hitting, speed and power throughout the line-up, gives Rasmus another shot at producing from where he had his best production in the majors, in front of Bautista, gives us almost 2 more lead-off options at the bottom of the line-up...not sure what's not to like (besides the uncertainty of Lind)

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