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11-14-2012, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by RustE View Post
interesting. but the first lockout was seen as a necessity and a 'one-off'. if they solve it and never have a work stoppage again (or for at least 30 years) then the league will be fine.

but, shutting down your product every 7 years can't be good. a lengthy work stoppage is now, perhaps, the most predicable thing about the NHL. That, and the penalties being called for obstruction and holding softening in the playoffs.

if your brand is a joke, it can't be good.
That's my frustration... If the owners get everything they want every 7 years when they lock the players out, what incentive do they have to settle a CBA in the offseason to avoid missing games. Just bite the bullet, miss a few games, wait for the NHLPA to cave, and get what you want.

I actually want things to get worse with this lockout. I want the NHLPA to be stronger. I want there to be REAL incentive to sign future CBA's in the offseason so that isn't a lockout or a strike.

I just want hockey. Now, and in the future. But if it takes more pain now for all of them to realize how bad this makes the situation for fans, then by all means, pile on all the pain we can. If it keeps us going through this every time a CBA expires, it is worth it.

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