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11-14-2012, 11:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Falconone View Post
PB, what you propose might actually work, but that offer has never been on the table. What has been on the table required that the PA accept the NHL position on player contract rights without any modification.

Not likely to happen. I've felt all along that the area of player conract rights was the key to getting a deal done and the PA viewed it as important and the NHL did too. Hence their resitance to change their stance on that aspect of the CBA.
Yeah but the whole idea is you agree to the 5% and say the cost of that is free agency stays the same. Maybe tweak the ELC a little as long as the money goes to older more established players and not just in the owners pockets. But the NHLPA doesn't do that they ignore the league proposal and come back with some other proposal that's apples to the league's orange. Take the NHL's offer cross off what you hate add the things you want and give it back and go from there.

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