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11-14-2012, 11:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Martini View Post
This trade isnt as bad for the Marlins as many think it is.

First off, they get rid of bad contracts. Reyes had a healthy season last year and that isnt the usual status quo. He will help the Jays when he is healthy, and now he doesnt have the burden of living up to that contract now in Toronto and will no doubt be back where he usually is on the DL. Good, not great player whose career year was when he was in a contract year. Better then what the Jays had, but thats not saying much.

Buehrle was the best piece in this deal. An inning eater who has a proven track record for being a winner. A WS champion who should be the guy to mentor the young guys in Toronto. He will give you 200 innings, but he is past his prime. That back loaded contract will be an albatross soon enough.

JJ is one year. I, imo, highly doubt he wants to stay in Toronto after this year. I question his health, but think he should be energized next year pitching for his payday.

The rest was fluff.

And the Marlins fleeced a bevy of the Jays farm system while getting rid of all those huge contracts and dropping their payroll down to 16 mil. Not bad. Loria is a huge piece of trash and doesnt deserve that team, but in reality, its his team to do as he pleases. In a business stand point, its a brilliant move.

How does this help the Jays? Well, theres still the Yankees and Rays in that division. This traded doesnt make them closer to that caliber of team, imo. A huge trade didnt help the Dodgers last year and this one, with even more question marks, doesnt magicly place the Jays into a position of being a contender.

The Jays got bigger names, but the Marlins get piece of mind and can restart the building by taking many pieces from one of the best prospect pools in baseball. The Jays put all of their eggs in one basket and are hoping next year is the year, it seems.

Right now, its a toss up. We shall see what happens in a few months.
Just because Keith Law says Josh Jonhson won't not re-sign with Toronto since he is a free agent in 2013 is a dumb thing to say. It might be a fact about his contract status, however what proof does he have that it will become true?

The example you used about the Dodgers making a similar trade there is one thing you forgot. Their major trade was done during the season and they couldn't make up the games they were behind the Giants. At least the Blue Jays have all season to contend since they are starting from scratch.

The Blue Jays still have a great minor league system and I the loss of some of those prospects won't change it.

I bet if this was the New York Yankees who made this exact same trade people would be willing to say what a great move for them since they are always contenders. However when people see the Toronto Blue Jays make this move some want to use an excuse that it won't work out for them because of the city they play in. Last night on ESPN from what I saw John Kruk basically talked about what the Marlins gave up. Now maybe they did a segment on what the Blue Jays got, however I didn't see one. So I think there is some Toronto bias from others because a Canadian team made this deal.

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