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11-14-2012, 11:43 AM
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So, went to the Gym earlier... And annihilated the rowing machine at the 500m sprint... Twice.

Started feeling a bit woozy/sick... But thought nothing of it, what with having just beasted myself...

Feel a bit more sick, so I go off to the changing room... Managed to get a satisfactory amount of chunder in the toilet...

Feel a bit better, walk out the changing room, and there's a short corridor to get out... My vision goes really weird, and I think I blacked out... I felt my head hit something, twice, I'm assuming it was the wall and the floor...

So I woke up from this endeavour, on the floor... Sort of sprawled out...

I somehow manage to get myself back into the gym, and get my stuff - I was getting the **** out of there... Struggle to walk down the hallway, and I knocked into this dude... Got outside, and by this time... I felt like I was blind... Couldn't see a thing... Sat down for a good 5 minutes or so, in shorts and a t-shirt, in the cold... My vision slowly starts to come back, everything was in black and white as well for a while...

Then walk home, and think... Hmm, I almost died. Gonna treat myself to Pizza and Crisps and Coke...


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