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11-14-2012, 11:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Jeffrey Lebowski View Post
Campbell, for sure.

Are people seriously using "better hitter" as a reason to pick Phaneuf over Campbell? Oh you mean, when he actually hits someone and doesn't throw himself out of position? "Harder shot"? Oh you mean when he actually can hit the net and it isn't stopped by that goalie person?

Campbell is a better skater, a better passer, reads plays better, is better defensively and offensively than Phaneuf. That's not to say that Phaneuf isn't a great defenseman in his own right... but Campbell is just smarter and has more tools in his toolbox. I don't think too many people actually payed attention to Campbell other than his contract.
No I'm pretty sure people are using this to pick Phaneuf over Campbell

Originally Posted by MastuhNinks View Post
Campbell is far better defensively?

Corsi Rel Qoc: 1.399 (1st on team and 10th in the league among defensemen)
QoC: 0.090 (1st on team and 3rd in the league among defensemen)
SH TOI/G: 2:30, 2nd on team by 8 seconds

Corsi Rel QoC: 0.755 (3rd on team and not in the top 50 among defensemen)
QoC: 0.026 (4th on team and not in the top 50 among defensemen)
SH TOI/G 1:16, 7th on the team, 1:39 below team leader

I guess Mike Weaver, Jason Garrison and Dmitry Kulikov must be black holes defensively, because that would be the only explanation for someone as good defensively as Campbell getting such easy minutes.

It's sad how underrated Phaneuf is defensively over here.
Originally Posted by Pheasant the peasant View Post
Phaneuf is 5 years younger, 5 inches taller, and over 500 thousand dollars cheaper. So that's a good place to start.

I would say that Campbell is easily the more skilled guy, and he is an efortless skater. But Phaneuf has lots of offensive talent too. And the difference is huge when it comes to physical play. Dion had 214 hits last season compared to 46 for Campbell. Now I know that hits are sometimes recorded a bit differently in different arenas. But that is over four and a half times the hits!

Combine that with the quality of competition and time on ice stats that MastuhNinks posted, and I don't see how it's not Phaneuf.

Edit: make that 6 years younger. May '79 vs April '85

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