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11-14-2012, 11:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Kaoz View Post
You're all over the place here, sorry, it's hard to follow. He's made the owners money, but you acknowledge less then half of those owners made money last year? You think his job description is all talk and bluster, and that being responsible for the league on a whole is really no biggie? Unless you think someone else is responsible and he's just the face of the league (couldn't they have picked a face that doesn't look like Despereuax)?

I'll say this. The league will immediately survive without Gary Bettman. Another commissioner would be hired, life would go on. But the league will also survive without a Sid Crosby, Alex Ovechkin, Evgeni Malkin, Tyler Myers, Shae Weber, etc etc etc... New players will come in and take their place and life will go on. The only things the league can't survive without are owners and fans. It needs both. Viable owners aren't exactly lining up at the door anymore. If they aren't going to make money they aren't going to buy, that's just common sense. Every team needs to make money for this thing to work and it can't happen with players salaries where they are right now and where they're headed regardless of how many hours Tyler Myers spends in the gym.

The owners aren't locking the players out because they only care about money. The owners are the only ones losing money at this point. They've locked out the players because too many teams are losing money, because too many can't afford payroll demands from their players already and because the players want to make even more money then they currently are.

Sorry, I know there is this whole line of thought out there that players sacrifice so much that they deserve, or should be entitled to the money the league earns. If that's true then why aren't soldiers fighting for their country entitled to an equal portion of the countries GNP? They sacrifice a hell of a lot more. That whole argument kinda falls on deaf ears here, people sacrifice for their work, that's just how it goes.
No i think a good amount of his bettmans job is talk and bluster. He's told what to do by the owners. Simple as that. Ok so if players sacrifice for their work, and as you said as do all of us. Then what about the owners? they're the ones crying poor mouth after signing huge deals for players, and winning the last cba to get what they wanted. The talent of the players is what brings the fans to the game. Once again.. no one wants to watch owners counting their money. So basically.. the players needs to sacrifice more than the owners.. who have more money than the players? The amount of people sticking up for the millionaires and billionaires crying poor mouth is ludicrous. I'm not saying that players aren't without faults. But to blame the players for the league wanting teams in areas where hockey can not prosper is also ludicrous. But might as well just say agree to disagree since this whole argument is a circle jerk of futility.

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