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11-14-2012, 12:02 PM
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Oh, I've had a trip in the few short months I've played, mostly due to switching hands.

Started out with a left-hand Easton Synergy ST, Cammalleri/Shanahan P2 blade, 110 flex, chopped 2". So yeah, I started with a 120 flex blade despite being 5'7 220. Loved the curve as it was right at the toe and almost no loft. Tried a Warrior Vandal, Gionta pattern 85 flex and I shot a little better. But it was still chopped and the flex increased. So next I tried an intermediate Vandal 70 flex in the Zetterberg pattern. Better yet. I also have a pro stock CCM U+ CL that I got from the Rivermen equipment sale last summer that was fun, too, but I still wasn't shooting well.

Then I tried a right-hand stick. My shooting and passing went from "garbage" to "meh, with a little practice it'll be adequate." So I went cheapish at first with a Warrior Esquire, Burrows pattern, 70 flex intermediate. I still had to chop an inch and a half off of the stick but my shooting went better. I wanted something closer to my old Easton, though. The closest I could find was a Synergy ST with a Getzlaf pattern in 75 flex. I was hoping the open face of the blade would help me get some lift, but it doesn't yet. My passing has improved tremendously and my backhand shots are getting more and more accurate. (I don't get how my backhand improved so well, but I'll take it.)

If Easton ever uses the P2 pattern again I'll snap it up in a heartbeat if it's a right-hand stick. I think the closed face and toe curve still might be the best for me, though.

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