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11-14-2012, 12:02 PM
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Originally Posted by KingForsberg View Post
he didn't need to take over the captaincy to become the "leader" of the team. He just wasn't better than Yzerman in the time they played together despite yzerman having his best seasons before that time period.
Well, we know this isn't true; '93/94 Pearson for most outstanding player in the league, says hi. Had an even higher PPG rate over an entire 82 game schedule than Yzerman's torrid pace over the 50+ games he played that year. So there's one season in the bank. Fedorov was also better than him during the lockout shortened '94/95 season that followed. Yzerman actually played more games than Fedorov, but was outscored by Fedorov (who tied Hull, Forsberg, and Nieuwendyk) AND Primeau. And even '95/96 isn't clear-cut in Yzerman's favour. Fedorov led the team in scoring, and while both guys ended the post season with 20 points, Yzerman got more than half (11) of those against St. Louis, while Fedorov's 9 points in the Conference Final weren't enough to beat Sakic and Roy. Would Yzerman have been better if he was healthier? Irrelevant.

So yeah, I dispute your claim that he was never better than Yzerman during their time together. There's hardware and production that, while not "decisive", allow more leeway to those who would argue that he was.

Originally Posted by KingForsberg View Post
Fedorov was used on defense at times becase he wasn't producing on offense. I don't think Sakic or Yzerman shoulda get punished for consistently producing on offense. Mathieu Dandenault played both positions a well.
Source? Guess what, you're talking out of your ass here. He was first tried at defense during the '95/96 season (his second most productive season ever), and again during the '96/97 playoffs (tied with 2 other post seasons as his second most productive ever, with 20 points), and Red Wings GM Devellano reflected that if they left him there, he was sure Fedorov would have won a Norris (first source among many). Such things were never said about Dandenault, lol.

Originally Posted by KingForsberg View Post
I guess that's a fair point. But does tht make Jari Kurri better than Gretzky offensively in the years he scored more goals? Was Scott Hartnell better than Claude Giroux last year? Placing such a high value on goals completely ignores the pher half of offense. Why should playmakers be punished? If that's your opinion then I can't change that but it just seems like a close minded view.
Listen, I don't think it was me who claimed that one was better offensively than the other. Obviously you prefer points, otherwise you wouldn't be so adamant about Forsberg being the better offensive player. I showed you that there's a flip side where goal scorers are valued for a reason, and that it's ultimately subjective. Who is closed-minded again?

Originally Posted by KingForsberg View Post
No Fedorov wasn't elite for a long time. I doubt you can back that up. Forsberg had better seasons than Fedorov did for a longer time. Fedorov played longer but he was far from an elite player for quite some time.
I don't really have to "back it up", although I (and others) have laid a little bit too much down in this thread for even a guy with a username like "KingForsberg" to ignore. It has already been done for me by droves of hockey writers, reporters, historians, fans, players, coaches, and general managers ever since he joined the NHL.

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