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11-14-2012, 12:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Jaromir Jagr View Post
This is a load of **** though. Those fans will be back as soon as the lockout is over, they're just frustrated at the way its going now.
This is where you are wrong. Having lost one season was bad enough. The league managed to recoved. Loosing 2 out of 8? They WILL loose fans that they will NEVER get back. And once the season is canceled, Fehr will be in absolutely no hurry to start the next one. Why? Becuase the pain that the owners feel for this season is NOTHING like what they will feel for next year. For this year, they sold seaosn tickets. Entering another year of no revenue PLUS not having sold a single season ticket is a whole different world. The players loose all leverage until the owners start to feel that sting.

I posted on this before. I am the fan that the NHL counts on. I have been on these boards when Smith was GM. Predate it even to Gameday. I have been brought up in a house where hockey is a religion, when my Dad and I would watch the Rangers on channel 9. I am a father of two girls, both of whom I am raising as Rangers fans. Since the last lockout, I have not paid to go to games. Oh, I have been to them, but only becuase I am fortunate enough to work in an industry where I get taken to sporting event. In the past two years, I have taken my girls to games. They know the names of players. They know when to cheer and for what. I even spent money on the anciliaries for them. If the season is canceled, there is a good reason that I do not come back. If two are canceled, then I will NOT come back. No more spending type of money on the NHL. The NHL will loose a hard core fan and the new fans that I am helping them cultivate. Hockey will die in my house.

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