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Originally Posted by Ottomatic View Post
When Rychel blasts the team for lack of effort/not caring and claims he's going to make changes and then doesn't make any it gives fans one less reason to go to the games. "Warren says in the paper the players aren't trying hard, why should we pay to watch these guys..."

Also now he says he wants patience in getting the right deal - good luck with that after you spout off to the newspaper.

So other teams know he's painted himself into a corner with his mouth - he needs to make moves or fans will see he's putting out the team he says doesn't give effort and doesn't care, and why would opposing teams want these players who lack work ethic and don't care - they're not going to pay full price for them that's for sure.
This is all fair. Rychel probably spoke too soon and he was speaking with emotion and not thinking properly. Some of it has to do with the shine being off 2 Memorial Cups now. We as fans can look back on it but it means nothing now in soon to be 2013 when the last championship was in 2010 just as it means nothing the last championship for Owen Sound was 2011. On Friday before the Plymouth game an article was written all but characterizing the season thus far a disappointment and not improving much from this point last year. Boughner and Rychel have been trying to spin things which is the smart thing to do but the results and play on the ice don't lie either.

You have a very good point though when Rychel says the coaches care more than the players why should anybody want to go out and watch the team play? Some have said here they are much better and it's good hockey to watch but when the guy who put the team together states a clear contradiction to what some fans think you usually side with the horses mouth.

I do agree with the responses saying he's backed into a corner but the other side of the coin is the management and coaches have tried everything calling players out, benching players etc.. with minimal pay back from the players. You may get a good game here and there but zero consistency. What makes this time any different, is the team going to go on a 10 game win streak because of what Rychel said? Probably not, Windsor will probably beat Saginaw then lose to Barrie or vice versa and probably lose in OT or a shootout to Owen Sound. It's up to the players to step up but what happens if they just don't have it in them? I think that's the situation they are in and moves need to be made. As the saying goes addition by subtraction this is the point they are at.

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