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11-14-2012, 12:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Bocephus86 View Post
I thought this was a good idea not sure why you are taking so much heat for it. This lock out is happening because some teams cannot make any money. You can argue all day that its the players fault for making too much money, the owners for giving out too much money, some owners for not sharing, the nhl for over-expanding, whatever. Why doesn't matter because it is happening. The NHL needs the casual fan and the casual fan doesn't appreciate the game like people on here do so to think of ways to increase offensive output is something that should at least warrant true discussion instead of outright dismissal. I mean people saying they should make the net bigger get less scorn! Discussing a way to limit the 6 goalie 2 minute drill is legit, its not like you suggested an outright ban on blocking shots or passes.

Now that I think about how often do we even see full on ice-swimming to block shots? The guys that are really good at it are usually down on one knee, stick on the ice, one hand out facing the shooter. He didn't propose banning that.
Like you say, how often do you even see the full out shot block? Not very often, most blocked shots are guys standing up or on one knee. So what would this actually accomplish? Not much.

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