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Originally Posted by BlackNgold 84 View Post
No i think a good amount of his bettmans job is talk and bluster. He's told what to do by the owners. Simple as that. Ok so if players sacrifice for their work, and as you said as do all of us. Then what about the owners? they're the ones crying poor mouth after signing huge deals for players, and winning the last cba to get what they wanted. The talent of the players is what brings the fans to the game. Once again.. no one wants to watch owners counting their money. So basically.. the players needs to sacrifice more than the owners.. who have more money than the players? The amount of people sticking up for the millionaires and billionaires crying poor mouth is ludicrous. I'm not saying that players aren't without faults. But to blame the players for the league wanting teams in areas where hockey can not prosper is also ludicrous. But might as well just say agree to disagree since this whole argument is a circle jerk of futility.
just to be fair how much blame bettman deserves... its a bit more then you suggest. He doesnt actually need all 30 owners to approve with how hes dealing with this lockout or any other problem. he is able to act with only a handful of them supporting him if thats how it breaks down. Bettman does actually lead the charge here and in my suspicion doesnt actually have the majority of the teams backing him up on this particular decesion.

but the majority of the teams might have 10-15 ideas of their own how to deal with this problem and none of them might have any more support then he does himself. In the end, these 30 owners have to hire a commissioner to repersent them as a group. No one single person they hire could ever do what they want on every single issue. No commissioner will ever be perfect for all 30 owners. But it doesnt do any good to fight the commissioner ever single time he does something you dont like.

A commissioner has to be judged on their body of work. And Bettman has done very well for the majority of owners as a whole over the years. I am very confident that even if they dont want a lockout this year, they wont fire him anyhow because he has done very well for them over the body of his work.

Bettman to me... doesnt strike me as a stupid man. If he felt his job was in jeopordy, I cant imagine he would risk it over this lockout. Bettman wants to fix the 'mistakes' he made in the last lockout and save hockey in the small markets. He wants the middle markets to actually become profitable on a regular basis. He wants the health of the game to get stronger so that expansion will be possible.

He has saved the toronto market for expansion and fought the relocation of teams to keep other markets open for expansion too. I think its easy to speculate that Bettman does want to see more expansion during his reign.

To say Bettman doesnt care about the game... is just wrong. He has pushed for expansion and national tv deals to spread the game around. He championed the small canadien markets when we needed a champion. His entire agenda has been about protecting the smaller/weaker teams to protect the fans in those markets and to spread the game.

He has helped the union keep alot of jobs.

Bettman sucks at PR... in fact the entire NHL office sucks at PR. It is almost like they want to wear the black hats. I think they should hire better PR people but that all said... and giving him his props... i still cant call him just a puppet for the owners.

The owners dont vote as 1 single entity. They vote as 30 individuals with 30 agendas. Bettman doesnt need a majority of support in order to act. And I would say imho he probably doesnt have a majority of support today about how the lockout is going. He has enough support though so this is how its going to go down. He does wear the blame though for this lockout more then the owners do imho.

That said... I think he is in the right. So I dont blame him. I think the game will be healthier if he wins this battle. So I am going to have to support him and hope he wins. He deserves the blame if people want to blame someone... but to me he deserves the credit cause I am not blaming him.

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