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11-14-2012, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by BlackNgold 84 View Post
No i think a good amount of his bettmans job is talk and bluster. He's told what to do by the owners. Simple as that. Ok so if players sacrifice for their work, and as you said as do all of us. Then what about the owners? they're the ones crying poor mouth after signing huge deals for players, and winning the last cba to get what they wanted. The talent of the players is what brings the fans to the game. Once again.. no one wants to watch owners counting their money. So basically.. the players needs to sacrifice more than the owners.. who have more money than the players? The amount of people sticking up for the millionaires and billionaires crying poor mouth is ludicrous. I'm not saying that players aren't without faults. But to blame the players for the league wanting teams in areas where hockey can not prosper is also ludicrous. But might as well just say agree to disagree since this whole argument is a circle jerk of futility.
The owners made concessions just as the players did during the last lockout that have led us to this point. The main one being a cap tied to league revenues. Had they of gotten what they really wanted, a hard cap, we likely wouldn't be having this discussion right now. We'd also likely have missed out on a lot more hockey then we actually did as the players would have taken much longer to concede then they did. Sadly though, players like Sid Crosby would have had to settle for 7million per year instead of 10mill per. Heinous, I know.

The owners aren't "crying poor mouth" (I've never actually heard that term before so I assume meaning whining about not making enough money?). 18 teams lost money last year and not just southern market teams. Teams like Pittsburgh, NY Islanders, Buffalo, Jersey, Washington are bleeding money and other teams such as our very own Boston Bruins were awfully close to losing money (in fact likely did after you figure in other financial factors). This isn't a Southern Market problem, this is an NHL problem.

Teams can't find owners willing to spend 150+ mill on a team just so they can have the right to bleed millions of dollars in cash a season. Player costs are the reason that's happening.

If you don't believe me, believe Forbes:
More business is boosting National Hockey League team values but climbing player costs are eroding the sportís profitability.
And are NHL players not also Millionaires? Rich is rich and who's more of it has little bearing on what needs to happen during this lockout.

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