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11-14-2012, 12:34 PM
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You clearly know nothing of the Marlins, their owner is a borderline crook and this is just a way to make more money until the inevitable sale or move.
I know all about Loria and have stated in this thread he is trash. But, I also see that he tried to spend money and Florida as a whole didnt bother. He did what he had to do, thats it. You cant fault a guy for looking at his bottom line.
Originally Posted by Gobias Industries View Post
Reyes won the batting title in 2011, you now refer to him solely as "injury prone"; while referring to a player who has essentially been kicked off two teams for his attitude as, " excellent trade chip come the deadline for a team in need of a excellent defensive short stop who can hit a bit."
Reyes is also getting paid a ton of money and has never played a full season in his entire MLB career, coming close to 162 three times in a decade. Did I mention he is getting paid a huge sum of money? His defense is already on the decline and it wasnt that impressive even before then while the two SS's who were dealt are that much better up the middle then Reyes. Can Reyes hit? Sure, he can also steal bases, not at the clip he used to, but still can. Thats it. He will be giving up runs with his defense while still producing runs with his offense. You get what you pay for.

Escobar will be a great trade chip, how can you not say he wont?
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Come on man, just a little context, just a little.
That is all I have been providing.

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