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11-14-2012, 12:37 PM
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I have no issues with your post regarding the Blue Jays players leaving or their status as a contender. However,

Originally Posted by Martini View Post
D'Arnaud is as brittle as they come and already a 23 year old prospect at a position where the wear and tear will catch up to him sooner then later. The Marlins were smart not to choose him if they had the chance. On last years BBA prospect list, Marisnick was the Jays number three prospect, with Nicolino five and DeScalfini moving up the charts fast. That is an unglodly haul for a 33 year old pitcher, and two injury prone players alone, not mentioning what else the Marlins also recieved and all the money they now freed up. And lets not forget that the Jays had one of the best farm systems in baseball before this trade and many of those same prospects would be ranked higher on other teams lists if they were there, so gutted is the right word when three top ten rated prospects are dealt for aging vets on bloated contracts.
- D'Arnaud does have injury problems, but I'm not exactly sure what the "already 23" thing implies considering most recent top-end catching prospects make their debuts at the 22-23 age range (ie Wieters/Posey). If you're implying that they should've taken Marisnick/Nicolino over him I'm going to have to significantly disagree with that

- Marisnick and Nicolino are certainly top prospects (on my own irrelevant list I have Marisnick at 3 and Nicolino at 5), but I am somewhat amazed at how much you are underselling what the Jays have got back here. Yes, Reyes and Johnson are injury prone, but its not like Reyes is likely going to play 80 games this year (125+ in every year but one since becoming a regular) or Johnson will miss half the season (25+ starts in three of the last four years).

- The money the Marlins freed up is completely inconsequential to the Jays side of the trade. Jeffrey Loria played the citizens of Miami like a fiddle but that's their problem

- Gutted is not the right word. Gutted implies that the farm system had a dramatic drop-off in talent and it will take significant work to rebuild it. The Jays may not have a top 5 system anymore, but its not like they traded away 4 of their top 7 prospects or something, which we've pretty much seen in other trades over the past couple of years.

Originally Posted by Martini View Post
I highly doubt it would have taken that much talent to aquire three question marks such as that, but the rumors persist that other teams were in play for those players and that AA just blew everybody away with his offer bidding against himself.
I hope that you will continue to share the inside information that you apparently have from around Major League baseball.

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