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Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
On one hand you are complaining about wasteful spending on govt programs while at the same time you are advocating more/increased taxation.

Where in this discussion have I complained about wasteful spending?

It has been my experience and as others have expressed here that no matter what levels of revenue the govt gets, it almost always isnt enough. That has been the pattern over my lifetime. Ive also seen govt depts throw away gross amounts of product with the thought being that they needed to spend all of their budget, otherwise they will get less the following year.

There is incredible waste in some areas of govt, yet other areas are incredibly and borderline criminally underfunded. Not sure what your experience has been with extended care centers but let me tell you they DO NOT receive adequate funding. Not even close. Yet when the people who made the decisions as per funding these areas need them, they are well looked after in private facilities, because, well, the public facilities are disgusting and inadequate.

This is starting to tangent towards politics, but if you were to encourage a new pst to help fund programs, it would likely be the thin edge of the wedge and would only grow over time. Sadly the fixed income earner in this province has great challenges in paying for deregulated utilities, on top of ever increasing living expenses. I dont think yet another tax is fair to them and not having one is what sets us apart from the other provinces and is a big attraction for living here.

Yeah. It's ideal. Come work here and not be taxed enough to pay for current services, then leave when you amass enough cash. It's a great way to run an economy, or not...

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