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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
If you remove all the "filler", Fuhr is 8th overall for a 4 year stretch, and only 0.010 behind the "best" in SV%, like I said. I don't see how that's even as low as "mediocre", and he seems to get even less credit for his performance during that time than that, which is more to my point.
What "filler"?

I'm still not seeing what's so great here. In fuhr's absolute best five-year stretch, he is closer to the league average (.876) than he is to the best. And I'm not talking about the average of these better goalies, which is .879, I'm talking about the actual league average.

Heck, in the entire decade of the 80s, only 5 goalies played more than 400 games, and Fuhr's SV% is #3 among them (Lemelin, Liut). he has to get credit on some level for being a workhorse (you just pumped Esposito's tires in this regard), and maintaining a high degree of consistency (0.884 SV% between '83/84 and '87/88, and still 0.881 for the decade on the whole).
When you do that, you're cutting off the starts and ends of a lot of good goalies' careers and not Fuhr's.

As another example, I could say "from 1973-1982, Esposito played 87 more games than any other goalie, and at least 200 more than all but three others". It's not really saying much. It's disingenuous, to be honest.

Fuhr was somewhat of a workhorse, as the above chart demonstrates, but not really special in that regard on an all-time level, when we look at all seasons for all goalies and not periods that are especially complementary to one goalie and not another.

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