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11-14-2012, 12:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Smelling Salt View Post
Quote from Lawless' article today:

"The Jets made money last season, but not very much."

Does anyone know of an educated guess at what they made this past season? "Not very much" seems like BS, but this IS Lawless we are talking about here. Of course maybe we don't know what Gary considers "hockey-related revenue".
I don't know numbers but a significant portion of the profit would have been from the incredible sales for team related items last year . That dollar amount will never be reached again and thus should be considered a one time anomoly.

Barring a long playoff run , Winnipeg won't make "much" money in any season imo. This is also with them spending to a lower tier level for salaries. Lawless made a salient point in that David Thompson is not and won't be a "sugar daddy" as Mike Milbury alluded to. He isn't going fund losses just to keep up with the joneses so to speak , again imo. True North will step up when it is prudent and when the expenditure can justified for making a tangible difference.

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