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Originally Posted by JGRB View Post
That's right.

People here are very aware of the past two "top picks" the Leafs made though, and most of the Leafs board was pimping them (Schenn, Kadri) out just as much as they are with Rielly right now. It's still fresh in their memories, I think they are annoyed by the hype machine (I know I get annoyed).

I've heard Leafs fans say Gardiner is clearly better than Subban. I've heard the same fans say at the beginning of last season Riemer was potentially to be as good as Carey Price in 2011-12 (I mean... WTF?). A lot of Habs fans are simply annoyed by the backtracking by some of your board as well regarding the whole Rielly v. Galchenyuk, when it was clear on draft day the vast majority of your board wanted Galchenyuk and now all of a sudden a good portion (not all) think they got a better player, and a player that couldve went "1st overall". It's the revisionist history being made by Leafs fans that annoys the hell out of most people when it comes to Rielly. And for arguments sake I'm not saying the Habs definitely got the better player on draft day, that's not something that can be determined so early on, which is again something that some posters on your board got excited by. Rielly went on a tear and Gally was slow out the gate, now the roles are reversed and it's pretty quiet over there?

For what it's worth, I'm a Rielly-fan and I would have been content getting Rielly at #3. But I am even more so content we got Gally. So Cheers to both teams getting great prospects this past June.
I honestly call bull**** on that. I get what you're saying about the hype machine, but I think you're seriously overstating it. The Leafs probably have it more than other fan bases, but it exists almost as much in every other fanbase. Usually those types of comments are never actually made and simply exist as something to show how foolish Leaf fans are, or are from comments that have been warped into something they never were in the first place.

I'd bet heavily that someone compared Gardiner and Subban's numbers last year to try and show why Subban might not be the amazing player he's made out to be by Hab fans (hype machine that exists in every fan base that I was talking about earlier...) and that the Reimer comment was never said by a Leaf fan, but said in jest by another fan as hyperbole.

Now I get the revisionist history argument you're making. It's annoying. But from all accounts, Burke and Co actually did have a pretty big love of Rielly going on before the draft and really did value him higher than most (I expect the "we would've taken him first" was a comment done for the fans, and not a true statement). Burke's comment on "positional over BPA" actually could suggest he was interested in a center (a need) over the BPA. The only center's that high were Grigorenko and Gally. It could very well be theorized that the Leafs did think Rielly was the best of the bunch, or maybe they only thought Grigorenko would fall to them and they thought Rielly was better. There are real reasons for some of this pimping and it's not simply the hype factor that exists in every franchise. If you believe first hand accounts, they were interested in him for quite a while (personally, I know his Aunt and she's mentioned the Leafs showed interest in him early on).

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