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11-14-2012, 02:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Ohio Jones View Post
Actually, it's complete nonsense. Rogers had spent handsomely on free agents through the 2000's under Ricciardi's direction, so they had clearly demonstrated that they were willing to spend on the team. They were always willing to do so if it gave them a winning product, because they're not stupid - they know that when it comes to sports other than the Leafs, Torontonians only come out for winners. And they know that a full Rogers Centre is a very profitable operation, particularly when combined with the impact of winning content on their other revenue channels.

But when Ricciardi's program failed to deliver the expected results, they made a smart business move and brought in a baseball operations team that had a plan for achieving sustainable success over the long term. There was one caveat: it would require blowing things up and going through a systematic rebuild of the organization, from the scouting department to the development coaches to the minor-league depth to, yes, the major league roster. And it would take time - during which process it did not make sense to tie up buckets of money on the MLB product. So they didn't.

Anthopolous and Beeston always maintained that this process would take until now to show results at the MLB level. They also confirmed - as did Rogers executives - that the dollars would be there for them when they needed them. And - lo and behold! - they are.

Skepticism is understandable: this is Toronto, after all, where sports fans have been held hostage by incompetent Leafs management for decades. But there's a big difference between being instinctively and subjectively distrusting of management and having an argument based in fact. The "Rogers is cheap" arguments were not based in fact, and were criticized accordingly.
Good post, I think you are mostly right. If anything, I let my emotions get in the way of an objective analysis. (This is what they teach me NOT to do in school lol). I am the type of person that wears my heart on my sleeve and am pretty passionate. Kudos to you for being a lot more calculating, objective, and for always replying to posts with fairly patient and well thought out answers. It is appreciated.

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