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11-14-2012, 01:05 PM
44 is Rielly good
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Just curious, which of our Defensive prospects do other fans think will eventually make up the Leaf's defense?

I have high hopes for Finn and think he could be a steal.. Still not sure if a Phaneuf-Rielly pairing would be effective when not on the power-play.

Phaneuf - Rielly
Gardiner - Finn
Gunnar - Percy

Also, I think of Gunnar and Percy as similar players, not sure if that will work to their advantage or if Gunnar-Blacker or Percy-Blacker would work better. Considering Gunnar might ask for a hefty raise, I can see him getting moved for a cheaper/similar alternative in Percy.

Wouldn't mind trading some of the defensive depth (Holzer, Franson, Loov, Granberg, etc.) for some forwards... although our wings are also starting to get clogged up.

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