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11-14-2012, 01:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Ohio Jones View Post
Arizona wants a shortstop, so barring a three-way the Jays are now out of any Upton talks.

Buehrle is great as a #3 starter, no need to swap him for Garza (unless he really is going to be upset over the Pit Bull ban...).

Bonifacio is a much better hitter than you'd expect to see batting ninth - it's his defensive limitations (especially in the infield) that keep him from being a lock for a starting role. Even so, I can see him as the starting LF. I think people will be pleasantly surprised when they see what we got in him.

Ibanez... he certainly came up big in a couple of games this post-season, but the Jays already acquired a platoon mate for Lind at the DH spot by picking up Buck. The numbers between them should be pretty respectable for the position, and won't cost any more assets or cash.

I admit I do still very much want a big LH bat, but with a payroll hovering just under $120 million, I don't know how much more room Anthopolous can possibly have to add.

Guthrie... again, it depends how much money Anthopolous has to work with. I'm perfectly content with Happ as the fifth starter, but I'd like them to have a swingman under contract that they can look to for long relief/spot starts (basically what Villanueva provided last year). Unless a controllable guy like Ogando comes back in an Arencibia trade, I can see waiting until Februrary to see what arms are still available on the FA market (like a Scott Feldman?), as asking prices typically go down after New Year's and we'd want to get somebody on the cheap if at all possible.
Wow. That was the most polite and thoughtful deconstruction of a trade idea post that I have ever read. Kudos.

I just worry that Buehrle won't be happy here, so back to Chicago might work. Plus I want Lind gone. Do not want to watch that movie any more.

With Guthrie, I seem to recall every time he pitched here with Baltimore, he lit us up. Maybe he likes the Dome?

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