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Originally Posted by Martini View Post
You have to ask Keith Law that one. I dont see JJ staying myself, but thats on account of some team will offer him huge money even tho I dont think personally an injury prone pitcher such as JJ is worth it.

In referencing the Dodgers trade, I was saying one huge trade doesnt make a pretender a sudden contender. The Jays, right now, are still in pretender mode. And maybe with a couple more moves they can solidify their team into actually belonging in the east instead of at the bottom of the division when every team in that division will be better by the time spring training starts. Right now, if the season started today, I would predict that the Jays come in last place in the east only because the other teams are still a bit better, and that includes a Red Sox team that self destructed last year. Thats a huge division with proven winners in the Yankees and Rays. Its a good start, at least for the Jays.

It sure does. Three top ten players suddenly gone changes the entire landscape of their minor league system.
There is no conspiracy. The Jays took a gamble. Thats it. It remains to be seen how it will work out.
I understand you're upset, but try and be realistic.

If JJ performs, he'll get paid here...Just like Halladay, just like Bautista. Rogers is a multi-billion dollar company that will spend its money wisely. If JJ has a good season, you can rest assured, the Jays can match any offer financially.

One of the big 3 from Lansing + A ball outfielder with upside and a SS who looks to have a big league glove but a minor league bat? Thats changing the entire landscape? No doubt, 3 were 3 good prospects, but thats the beauty of building up the farm... Most experts rated the Jays either 1st or 2nd in MLB farm rankings.. AA finally parlayed some of those assets into big league help.

The only risk I see is Jose Reyes' injury history. JJ is playing for a contract, so is Buck. Boni is arbitration eligible and you know what you get with Buehrle; workhorse who will pitch a solid 200 every year. I'll take that for 3 more years.

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