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11-14-2012, 01:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Stylizer1 View Post
Those same Palestinians who allowed Jews to live in their country before their buddies the colonialists stepped in?
1) Palestinians never had a country. The area was sovereign territory of the Ottomon Empire than a British territory after, then split between Israel, Egypt and Jordan.

2) Many arabs are themselves descended from "colonists" who have only beeen there for 100-150 years.

Originally Posted by slip View Post
The forces of ethnic cleansing and genocide salute you, good sir.
You can get wishy washy about it if you want, but the fact is the Israelis would not have this problem now if they actually did engage in outright expulsions of people like many other nations have in the past 100 years (Hindus out of Pakistan, Greece-Turkey, Germans out of Eastern Europe, Jews out of Mid-East, etc.).

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