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11-14-2012, 02:32 PM
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I don't know how Gaglardi can say in one breath that he wants a timeless jersey that looks like it's been around for 40 years and then talk about how attractive our pajamas are. Maybe someone can point me to the classic designs that look like our current set. 2 tiny thin stripes around the arm and no stripe along the hem, yeah, that's real traditional.

I can't get over all the descriptions of how difficult this process is either. The whole thing could probably be done better in a single afternoon than what they'll come up with after 6 months. Paralysis by analysis, as Razor would say.

The color thing doesn't get any less disturbing either. That right there plainly tells me that they don't get it. I'd say there's almost no chance we come out of this process with something that looks good and respects our history.

We'll be back at the drawing board in another 10 years. Maybe we'll get something decent then.

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