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11-14-2012, 01:36 PM
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Originally Posted by SvenskaRiga View Post
Why do I always have to play with the stupid kids who dont understand how to play objective based games. Why are you playing hardpoint if your not even going to try to hold down the position or take it back? Your K/D dosnt matter

Just played, and my entire team had 0-2 captures/defends while I had 6 captures and 12 defends, my K/D wasnt very good (wasnt negative though) but we won and thats whats important. Its even worse when playing Domination on Hijacked, seems no one wants to risk getting a death to take B. Want a good K/D, go play TDM, your useless in objective games.
I always go for A and C on domination. People get too focused on 'B', and grabbing both is fairly easy.

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