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11-14-2012, 01:40 PM
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Originally Posted by rt View Post
Drouin reminds me of a hockey version of the Harlem Globetrotters. This kid has INSANE puck skills. Like off the charts for his age and will one day be one of the world's best with the puck on his stick. He's also really adept at picking pockets and stick checking. Loves to strip the puck and move it down the ice the other direction. It's an amazing skillset all around. Great package of ability.

That said, he's a cherry picking son of a *****. Never ventures beyond the hash marks in his own zone. Loves to just hang out around the blueline, standing there and waiting around. Similarly, on the forecheck he's not exactly about to cycle. He's content to chill put and find good shooting lanes or QB from the half wall. There really isn't anything wrong with any of this. I definitely feel he will be wildly effective inspite of (or because of) these qualities.
I think this is a pretty good description of Drouin. I watched him pretty closer during last Friday's game against Gatineau. It was only one game, but more than once when the puck went deep into the defensive zone and was being fought for by both teams he just cycled or stopped inside his own blueline and paid no attention to an attacking player entering the zone near him. On at least one occasion a guy he could have pick up skated right by him and got the puck uncovered in what led to a scoring opportunity.

Maybe he can get away with that in junior, but whenever not picking up a man in the defensive zone helps leads to a goal in the NHL then a lot of people will know about it.

The guy does have amazing skills though and he really is a treat to watch. Hopefully he has a good attitude as far as willingness to learn the parts of the game that contribute to preventing the other team from scoring when he's on the ice.

Originally Posted by rt View Post
HOWEVER, MacKinnon will almost certainly be the higher pick because of his assertiveness all over the ice. He's like Jeremy Roenick. That makes you a first overall pick. It just does.
Agree with this too. I'd say that, given a choice, MacKinnon will take the shortest route to the net or puck; Drouin will take the route of least resistance.

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