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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
Jarick, you keep talking about the Vanek as a long blade, but isn't it the same as an Easton Darby? I used to have a Darby, and IIRC it was a pretty short blade.
Correct. Although it was my favorite retail pattern, my one criticism of the Vanek pattern was that it could stand to be about a half inch longer. Although I horded a few Vanek Dolo blades when they were on Monkey's site at this time last year, I am on my last one and wondering what to do next. As expensive as sticks and blades are getting, I am seriously considering the custom route.

On a related note, I got a 1st Gen. Jovanovski Dolo blade (AKA Lidstrom) on the cheap via Ebay and can say that there is really no comparison with the Vanek. I got it for nastolgic reasons as heel patterns with mild mid-curve and square toes used to be my bread and butter (i.e. Hespeler Gilmour and Nike Brind'amour). However the Lidstrom/Jovo has too much mid for my taste. I like the slap shots that I get off with it, but forget about the quick backhand and deflection control you get from the Vanek.

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