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11-14-2012, 01:46 PM
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Originally Posted by moosehead81 View Post
Actually I don't agree- the average number of players in the NHL (by percent) with college degrees is pretty well equivalent to the national averages for both the USA and Canada, around 28%. Most players (around 90%) in the NHL who were born in the US have degrees; Canadian born players are less at about 20% while European players are essentially at 0%. This compares to the NBA at 21% and the NFL at 46%. Surprisingly, few players in MLB have college degrees; the percentage being 4%. So a pro NHL player is generally as well educated as the general populace in both the US and Canada (and likely as well educated or better educated than most posters on this board, myself included). This should not be surprising, given the opportunities their skills provide in getting an education.
MLB players tend to not have degrees because they have to choose between their NCAA eligibility and the minor leagues. Given that the NCAA is essentially the minor/development league for the NBA and NFL, there is incentive for many players in those sports to remain in school.

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