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11-14-2012, 01:52 PM
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Originally Posted by CarlWinslow View Post
It is the best response for a person such as that guy. Some people need to be taught a firm lesson. Obviously its not legal, I don't really care. Even if they charged him with something in Canada it would result in no actual meaningful punishment. The legal system in this country is a joke.
Okay, you do know assault is a criminal offence, right? Who should be allowed to assault this guy to "teach him a lesson"? One big guy? A martial arts master? An angry mob? Exactly how much should he be assaulted? Minor injuries, broken limbs(i saw a few calls for that in one of the linked comments sections), beaten unconcious? As far as legal rules he's broken, could possibly be charged with vandalism or some petty crime(if you can prove anything), whereas assault is often a jail term.

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