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11-14-2012, 01:53 PM
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Originally Posted by tbcwpg View Post
I wouldn't accept them either, the report doesn't indicate the way the remaining 27 teams break down. One of those 27 teams could have lost $45 million and the remaining 26 made $1 million each. It's too vague.
Yes it does.

The article links to here:

I wouldn't go around preaching these numbers as gospel, but they're the best numbers we have available, so I use them as a starting point or measuring stick if you will. I know forbes isn't reliable as Pierre Macguire , but its sadly the best we have and the only numbers worth citing.

Additionally, there was a recent article in the Edmonton journal in which someone from the Oilers ownership group claimed 7 teams had losses of at least $24 MM, with one of those teams losing close to $50MM (assumption is that team is PHX).

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