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11-14-2012, 01:55 PM
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Originally Posted by RaMMuT View Post
The UFC is stacking the PPV cards, and putting all the contenders and the new up and comers on the Fox and FX cards. I looked at what UFC 155 and UFC 156 will look like and they are stacked from top to bottom. Even the preliminaries are sick fights. I also find that the Fox cards are pretty stacked too, it's just the FX cards that are kinda weak, but that's mainly because of budget reasons.

The UFC right now is in expansion mode. They started with TUF Brazil, now TUF China, and next year they are thinking of doing TUF Canada. They want to turn the UFC into a mainstream sport. They want to have an event every week everywhere in the world and develop new talent from all over the world.

As a hardcore MMA fan, I can only say that it is a good thing, because the more fights we have, the better it is and the happier I am. I love watching MMA even if I am watching lower tier fighters. The free fight cards won't be as stacked but hey that's why they still have PPV's and that's where they put their biggest fights.

It is an entertainment business and the more cows Zuffa has the more milking it can make. That's why they're going to other markets and taking all these new risks. I just hope they don't try and expand too fast because it can possibly harm them in the future.
Stacked? You and I have a different definition of it. A lot of it constitute average fighters. The New Years card is one of the worst I've seen in years.
Just look at this upcoming weekend. Hendricks and Kampmann are the contenders to the WW?? That's just sad..

TUF fighter might die before it ever reaches Canada. They are generating less than 1M viewers a week, the show needs to improve ratings if it wants to survive.
Their plan for that is to have Jones vs Sonnen as the next coaches (really don't understand how Sonnen suddenly deserves to fight Jones) of the show, in a different time slot. Heck, one of the fighters on the show this year is my friend's Boyfriend and I don't even watch the show on a regular basis because it's the same freaking thing, every freaking year. Bunch of average fighters scrapping it out, getting drunk, punching walls, acting like the dumbest of kids out there. I only watch when I know he'll be fighting or if I have nothing going on Friday night (really rare).
But things won't change, the show needs a break. It's bad, real bad.

The sport has already become mainstream, he wants it to become a world wide huge sports that eventually will hit the Olympics. But if I compare the shows today compared to 10 years ago or 15, etc, I get a lot less entertained.

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