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Originally Posted by LadyStanley View Post
Originally Posted by Plan The Parade
Actually, Carolina, Atlanta, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Anaheim, San Jose, Tampa Bay Phoenix and Florida all saw increases in attendance from the 03-04 season to the 05-06 season.
The only reason attendance (#s) increased was that the Sharks reformatted a few things around the arena and added a bunch of seats. (Including moving the broadcasters -- home/away TV, radio -- from the bottom of the upper rim to the "roof".)

Sharks have pretty much sold out every RS/playoff game since.
No. The reason that there was a significant increase in Sharks attendance from '03-'04 to '05-'06 is that attendance in '03-'04 was down due to the abysmal year in '02-'03 - miss the playoffs for the first time in 8 years, fire the coach, fire the GM, and trade away the Captain and face of the franchise.

The Sharks had their lowest attendance in a year that turned out to be the Sharks best year in their history up to that point - they won the division (for only the second time in their history) with a team record 104 points and made it to the WCF.

However, a drop in the STH base due to low expectations and a slow start to the season (only one win in October) led to significantly lower attendance during the first part of the season. Attendance is a lagging indicator - if you lose STHs in the offseason, it is virtually impossible to make up that attendance with single game sales.

The Sharks STH base did not fully recover after '03-'04 due to the Lockout - a drop in STHs from their pre-'02-'03 levels (capped at ~14K) led to lower attendance in '05-'06 (and their pre-Joe swoon in Oct-Nov certainly didn't help). That was one of the few years (along with 1994 and 2004) that the Sharks offered STH the options to buy add'l playoff tickets (due to the lower STH base).

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