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11-14-2012, 02:00 PM
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Originally Posted by QuietCompany View Post

But the thick blue line is extremely important imo, I've said this before but put two dashed lines a meter apart since a meter thick blue line would look ridiculous.

1. When you enter the zone, looking at the top part, a player cannot be ahead of the straight red line although the puck carrier can be at the dashed blue-line. This reduces the amount of "close offsides" because the guy can be a couple feet ahead of the puck carrier without calling offside. This will reduce the amount of offsides called as a team enters the zone.

Dammit I hate offsides
Do you realize you've just made it so the linesman has to try to keep his eyes on the puck, players and two different lines that are 6 feet apart ? Do you hate offsides more than you hate blown calls ?

I could probably go for different lines for in/out, but having 2 lines to keep track of for offsides would be pretty tough to handle for an official.

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