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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Point was that 1927-28 thru the 11930-31 contraction the NHL featured two teams that were for all intents and purposes minor league quality. Readers got this point.

Back to Esposito. The point was about the 1971 and 1973 Finals not one goal in game 7 which is your interpretation.

1971 Finals. Hawks go into Montreal leading 2-0 in games. Esposito goes into the tank. Stops 75 of 88 shots,.852 SV% in Montreal, 12 of 16 in game 6,blowing a 2 goal lead, forcing a game 7 where he blows another 2 goal lead. Reasonable goaltending and game 7 does not happen. Saying he was possibly the best player in the 1971 playoffs is inaccurate.
I don't know if it's more inaccurate than you attributing "blowing" those leads primarily to Esposito. I mean, this is the 1971 Finals where Chicago's coach was heavily criticized for all kinds of head-scratchers, like not using Hull and Mikita for some key four-on-four situations, and relying too heavily on little-used and injured defensemen in game 7. And it's that injured defenseman (Magnuson) who was taken advantage of by the speed of the Pocket Rocket on that game/series/Cup winner.

But seriously though, how bad could Esposito have been, finishing the post season with a GAA almost an entire goal lower than the guy who carried the Cup home after their Final matchup?

Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
1973 Finals. Probably the worst goaltending performance in the SC Finals since 1967 amidst worst 3 all time. Esposito played 6 games giving up 33 goals = 5.6 GAA on just 190 shots = .826 SV%. Twice he blew 2-0 leads in games, once he allowed a 4-0 lead to reach 5-4 before the Hawks won 7-4.

Again, not just one goal but two very bad series.
Again, more focus/blame on Esposito individually, and no comment on what the expectations of a Blackhawks team on the decline and without Bobby Hull was supposed to do against one of the best squads the Montreal franchise has ever put on the ice. But backing up, if your blame is squarely on Esposito for that series, where's the praise for what he did to seal the deal against the 102 point Rangers in the series before that? Maybe it was Esposito's worst post season series ever. When it's just one series against possibly the best squad in NHL history, though, how much are we supposed to read from it?

Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
As for outliers, the project is all about outliers. 40 goalies from 100+ years of hockey.
That's a convenient way out, lol. The essence of the problem still comes from using exceptions as wider-spreading "truths" when you find them.

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