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11-14-2012, 02:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Makander View Post
Nathan MacKinnon PPG 1.6
Jonathan Drouin PPG 2.07

Is it possible if they both maintain that ppg for most of the season that Drouin could go before MacKinnon in the draft? i mean i get how dynamic McKinnon is but over 68 game thats 141pts for Drouin and 109pts for McKinnon, is he so much better that scout would forget about such a ppg difference and still pick McKinnon first?

Btw im not saying both will keep their respective PPG, Drouin could go down and McKinnon up but im still curious about what would happen if it stayed like that.
I still think MacKinnon goes before Drouin regardless if he outscores him or by how much. MacKinnon's all round game is simply stronger and more easily translated to the next level. I just don't of Drouin as THAT piece you build a team around like I do MacKinnon.

Similar situation sort of to a guy like Phil Kessel - incredible player, puts up big numbers, top 10 in scoring but still regarded as more of a supplemental piece then a franchise player.

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