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11-14-2012, 02:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr Jiggyfly View Post
I can't see how Bettman is the best thing to happen to the players financially. He made a generation of players lose an entire season's pay, then had the stones to force a 24% rollback for the next season (one of the main kick in the nuts to the PA that lead to Fehr being here).

Now Bettman is using his tired old tactics to strong arm them into taking more cuts. Then people wonder why the players hate him and brought in an equally detestable man to fight him? As I said, hate Fehr all you want, but understand Bettman is THE reason he is heading up the PA.

We also apparently have half of the teams losing money in the system Bettman lost an entire season over, because he insisted it would ensure cost certainity. Now everyone... Players, owners, fans, etc have to deal with yet another lockout because of another error in Bettman's judgement.

I'm pretty sure having a commissioner like Tagliabue, who was a great visionary and understood the necessity for labor peace, that the NHL would of been better off both financially for the players and owners. Most of all, the league we all love wouldn't have become such a laughingstock and easy punch line.

Instead, we all sit back and worry if Bettman's NHL is stupid enough to lose yet another season... While we bicker about which side is right and which side is wrong... No one with any common sense and true understanding of the situation, can ever deny that all roads lead back to Bettman. Period.
This is the best post I've seen in this thread thus far. The real cause of the lockout is Bettman period.

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