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11-14-2012, 02:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Fan Of Every Anton View Post
Not arguing that the Kings will repeat, but the Kings literally have the exact same roster as they did last season, and Boston did lose a few pieces. Maybe not key ones, but it's still not an identical roster.

My memory for Detroit isn't great, so I can't really speak to them. The point is, the poster I replied to said that every team says that after winning the cup, but LA's case is unusual because there were no departures or additions to the roster.
Detroit lost Dallas Drake (a fourth liner), Hasek (backup), and added Hossa (enough said).
You cannot cite them gaining or losing players are a positive or negative, because different teams respond to different roster changes (or lack thereof) in different ways.

We will see how the Kings roster looks once we have a season. Until then, all this about how they will be better or worse because they have the exact same roster as last year is just guessing.

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