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11-14-2012, 03:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Co Ho View Post
How do you know if/when to jungle?
And are there certain choke points on the map to put the light wards?
I can't really explain it in short (there are several excellent guides on it)...

Some pointers though...

There are basically two ways to jungle:
- creep camps with a natural jungler (Enigma, Lycan, Ursa, Furion, etc.)
- creep pulling with a support hero (you pull creeps onto your lane, effectively killing your lane creeps, denying xp and gold to the enemy, and getting xp and gold off of creeps in the woods)

Most common is the 2+1, 1, 1 set up:
- short (farming, safe) lane with a carry and a support and the +1 is a jungler in your woods, who can jump in for ganks if/when needed
- solo mid
- solo long lane who can handle ganks and low farms (Bounty Hunger, Dark Seer, Windrunner, Mirana, etc.)

You try and place wards on high ground if possible, gives more vision, isn't blocked off by trees etc.
Another use for wards is to place them on jungle camp spots, creeps don't spawn if there's vision over that area.

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