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11-14-2012, 02:33 PM
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I thought about this all night last night. I have never been so irked before after a firesale even after what happened in '97 and '05. I've wondered why I haven't care much about the Marlins since around '05 or so. This is a great example why since I think every fan in their minds knew this was likely to happen again. I came to the conclusion that I can't jump ship and support another team. I will always support the South Florida teams that I have grown up with no matter what happens. However, I feel better off just not paying attention to baseball in general. In my mind, Selig has to do something about situations like this. It's not good for just the Marlins and their fanbase, but the whole league in general which I already think is ridiculous. Seeing the many of the same big market teams in the playoffs every season with teams like the Pirates and Royals missing out for over twenty years you would never see in another sport. There's just hardly any parity anymore.

Anyway, I refuse to watch any of the Marlins games or go to the stadium (which if anyone didn't go there last season if absolutely beautiful) until Loria is gone. Despite the team underperforming last season, it's insane of how quickly he has hit the panic button. I felt that if they filled a few small holes that they could have been a pretty good team this coming season on paper, but now with Stanton being set-up to be a veteran in a few years for the upcoming core, the next few seasons are going to be bleak as hell. I don't think guys that have great futures ahead of them like Stanton will want to stay in Miami much longer anyway with this situation happening. I'll be shocked if they get even 10,000 people on average next season. Even down the line if they keep this upcoming core and become competitive, enough fans have gotten burned before and this was the nail in the coffin. We all know what happens when a team in the area makes the playoffs and everyone comes out in droves, but I can see this not happening with the Marlins. I could go on about this a lot longer, but it's not worth my time.

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