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11-14-2012, 02:44 PM
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I'm running with Bauer X:60 Stick'Ums. 87 flex with p02 curves. I'm 6'2 and 220lbs, and play C. I love the grip shaft (my first ever) as well as the fairly high kick of the shaft. I'm a set up guy mostly and the light weight of the stick lets my hands be as manoeuvrable as I like and the puck responds. It fires a stable fast pass across distance and has the feel to throw short backhand saucers just as sweet.

When I shoot its mostly wristers and snappers across my body to the opposite sides, and even though the stick sounds like its too flexible for my weight, I get a ton of speed and accuracy out if it. I even scored my first slapper in a long time last year with it and didn't feel as though I had to hold back incase I put my hand through the stick.

I guess my next set of weapons will be the APX range. My all-time favourite was my Easton Convex with a graphite Lidstrom blade in there. So sweet!

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