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Originally Posted by molsonmuscle360 View Post
I'm sorry, but you cannot compare the most evil man in sports (Loria) to Katz in any way, shape or form. This is the guy who singlehandedly destroyed the Montreal Expos, leaving the team with literally nothing when he took his money and ran for Miami after intentionally driving the Expos into the hole by pigeonholing their English TV and Radio contracts. When he left Montreal he took EVERYTHING with him. Including all the front office staff AND equipment (computers, fax machines, desks, EVERYTHING).

Now this insanity in Miami, where he literally forced his way into an arena. If you think Katz was trying to be a bully with council, you should read up on what went down in Miami.
Wow...I just did and I can not believe how eerily similar this stuff sounds. Granted it is Wikpedia, but you read the part about Public Funding, and Backlash, and it scares me how this sounds exactly like what Katz is doing.

A few quotes:

The threat of leaving - "On February 21, 2008, then MLB president and COO Bob DuPuy gave the commissioners this ultimatum during a hearing on public funding:
"I just want you to know that if you decide not to make a decision tonight, that will be the death knell for baseball in Miami. We are out of time."
City and County Commissioners appeared to take the threat seriously and within hours voted to approve funding for a new ballpark for the Marlins, in the form of a Baseball Stadium Agreement. "

Rising costs - "In the now finalized deal—supported by Miami Mayor Manny Diaz, Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Alvarez, and Burgess—the total building cost of the stadium complex rose by a few million to $634 million. More than 80 percent of that would be paid for using public money. Analysts of the bonds sale soon publicized that—with interest compounding over 40 years—the total cost to the county to repay them would rise to $2.4 billion. "

Political donations - "The 2009 election for the next mayor of Miami became a race between two candidates on opposing sides of the controversial stadium vote. As the term-limited City of Miami Mayor Manny Diaz's time in office neared its end, the Marlins endorsed City Commissioner Joe Sanchez's run for the office. Executives from the Marlins and Major League Baseball held fundraisers and donated money to the campaign of Sanchez, a leading supporter of the stadium plan."

Questioning whether the owners are being honest about the financial position of the team - "During the 2009-10 offseason, the other MLB owners reprimanded the Marlins for purloining too much of the approximately $75 million in revenue sharing and Central Fund monies they receive annually. The news raised public suspicion that the Marlins' front office was being dishonest in their arguments to county and city commissioners that they were barely breaking even financially year after year."

"In August 2010, the Marlins' financial documents were leaked to Deadspin and published on the Internet which showed that the team had a healthy net operating profit of $37.8 million in 2008 alone"

Again, I hope I am wrong.

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