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Originally Posted by sandysan View Post
So what is it ? Is losing another southern team a pr disaster or not ?

If the market cant support it and the ownership walks away fom the team ( like atlanta) then the team should disappear. How are the yotes doing right now ? What happens when the cog subsidy evaporates ?
What is what? The NHL is different from the NBA/MLB. If MLB expanded into MON, TOR, VAN, EDM, and OTT rapid fire, and then when the Expos were driven into the ground by Loria, and VAN, EDM and OTT relocated that would be a PR disaster for the game of baseball. "Baseball is an AMERICAN sport. It only works in America. Canadians don't care about baseball, all they care about is hockey." That would not be good for baseball.

Same with hockey and the South.
As the Jets, North Stars and 'Diques proved, just because a team has an owner who wants out and no new owner who wants in; doesn't mean the market itself cannot sustain a team. Ditto the Expos. Montreal supported the Expos just fine until Loria's scorch the earth tactics.

Moyes was the Loria of hockey. Everyone else is simply a poor team.

Originally Posted by sandysan View Post
Yoy know what is funny, if more people in these southen markets actually gave a crap whether the team existed or not, this would be far less of a problem. And the notion that the have teams should prop up unsustainable teams in order for some to save face is irresponsibly self centered. Yet people such as yourself are still pining for that big national tv contract and are convinced that if only the teams in canada pumped millions more into RS, that ultimately people in louisiana will pick up a love for the game. Geez why dont you wish for a pony while you are at it?
What was the national TV deal before expansion? What was it in the ESPN days? What was is it now?

Saying that "big national contract" is never going to happen only works if your definition of "big national contract" is based on the NFL and MLB. When you compare it to the $17.5 million contract the NHL had (that was more "regional" than "national"), the strategy worked.

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