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11-14-2012, 02:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Tra La La View Post
I think they should fax over a complete CBA. And tell them no more talks until there is a player vote. The league is quite sure what they have on the table would pass.
Pretty close to passing.

I think the HRR would pass 100%, that's a substantial offer from the NHL and there's not much more they can or will put into it.

Contract rights though, the players wont agree on, and I wouldn't either, changing UFA, arbitration and even the 5 year limits(I'd offer 8-10 year limits) are not needed for anything really.

5% variation limit, cap-hit after retirement and the dumping in minor rule should be kept. And maybe a 10 year limit on contracts just for a bonus.

NHL comes off on some of that stuff and you'd have an agreement. Why dont they now? Well that's because the PA wont agree to the make whole yet and continue with delinkage, so why cave on contracts when they havent agreed to the other major thing?

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